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Divorce Overview

I affirm under penalty of perjury that all statements in this Affidavit of Consent are accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have filed this Affidavit of Consent in good faith and have not colluded with anyone in relation to it, nor have I been subject to any force or duress in signing it. Toggle navigation. State Gov't U.

Georgia Divorce Jurisdiction Laws - Cordell & Cordell

Forms Firms Schools. Most courts will require that this form be completed and filed along with a Marital Settlement Agreement.

Please note that in Paragraph 5 Grounds for Divorce , the Petitioner will need to specify grounds for divorce that are recognized as valid within the State of Georgia. Sufficient basis for a no-fault divorce within Georgia is limited to the following: Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage 6.

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See the terms and conditions for this offer for further information. If you arrive after these appointed times, or come on a Tuesday or Thursday, you will not be heard and will have to come on a subsequent Monday, Wednesday, or Friday at am.

Legal Advice in Minutes

Have the Poverty Affidavit notarized. This must be done prior to presenting it to the Presiding Judge for review. If you arrive after the appointed time, you will not be heard, and have to come on a subsequent Friday. Bring the notarized Poverty Affidavit, along with the completed and signed action Complaint, Petition, etc.


Divorce Procedures in Georgia

You must provide proof of income such as pay stubs or unemployment checks and your bills with your Poverty Affidavit. For more information visit our Law Library.

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  5. It is not a source of legal advice, but can be used for resource information. The Judge assignment is required because some Judges prefer to hear their own emergency hearings. The process server cannot be a party to the particular case mentioned in the documents. The process server must also show proof that the documents were in fact served, which is typically accomplished with a notarized proof of service.

    Contested divorce in Georgia/Atlanta : What is the process to follow ?

    The names of process servers approved by Cobb Superior Court can be found by visiting our Forms Page. The process server lists and applications can all be found here. Superior Court Resources. Divorce Information. Where can I find an attorney? Family Law Forms Are there children under the age of 18 from this marriage?

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