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Finally, there is a volume that includes consolidated morning reports for the 1st [Provisional] Regiment of Infantry, These records are arranged by type of report, and therein chronologically. Sick reports, , , fractional. Information includes: name of patient, rank, date when taken sick, whether in the line of duty, number of times sick during the year, and number of days on sick report during the year; this data is followed by surgeon's remarks limited to the following: whether in the line of duty, whether in quarters or in hospital, of what duty capable, and date the patient returned to duty.

In addition, for the regimental infirmary at Texas City August , , there are daily field reports of sanitary personnel and transportation, daily field reports of patients which tally the types of cases remaining under treatment , and a report of the sick and wounded which includes the companies and towns represented, the numbers of admissions and completed cases, and a check list--by name--of all entries on the register cards of patients.

These records are arranged by company, and then chronologically. Drill reports, , , 0. These records consist of various forms that report on drills of individual companies, dating and The Return of company and drill report provides the following information for a six-month period: a record of strength by rank and the names and reasons for losses and gains; the dates of drills, number of officers and men present and absent, the type of drill, and remarks.

The Report of drills and record of attendance gives the following information for a six-month period: number, date, number of officers and men present and absent with and without leave , and the character of the drill; the number and average strength present of drills at the home station, practice marches, and target practice; the date, number of days, and average strength at camps of instruction and inspections state and federal.

These reports, usually oversized, are often composed of two sheets.

The Report of a prescribed drill or equivalent military duty , for Company B, th Infantry Mineola , and for Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 56th Machine Gun Squadron Houston , gives a daily report including the following data: date, duration in hours, company, character of the drill, number of officers and enlisted men present at formation, attending service schools, and absent with and without leave. Reports for the former company are loose, and those for the latter squadron still in booklet form.

The Armory drill attendance records gives in booklet form the following information for each individual in Captain Oscar P. McCary's company: name, rank, date enlistment expires, date of enlistment or rank of officer, date of federal recognition for officers or date of qualification for enlisted men , number of years served, monthly number of days attended armory drill, and remarks.

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These records are arranged chronologically, and therein by organization. Reports of drills, target practice, and field instruction, Reports of prescribed drill: Company B, th Infantry, Reports of prescribed drill: 56th Machine Gun Squadron, These records consist of various forms that report on annual inspections of individual companies of the Texas National Guard, dating , , , , and undated bulk The Memorandum of an Inspection includes the following information: a return of the company number present and absent, of each rank , an accounting of absentees from the inspection ceremony e.

Location and suitability of range? Means at hand for extinquishing fire? Has company a library, and number of volumes? The Inspection Report includes a return, a quartermaster return, an ordnance return, 58 questions, and a blank space for comments and suggestions. The Field Inspection Report includes a summary of attendance; comments on drill and instruction; comments on discipline; comments on the officers; comments on arms, uniforms, and equipments; comments on sanitation and messing; miscellaneous; and general comments.

Separate forms are provided for Organized Militia and for Sanitary Troops. These reports cover entire regiments. Inspection reports, , , undated. Armory inspection reports, These records consist of various reports of small-arms practice by the Texas National Guard, dating , , , and undated. The majority are Returns of Scores of Rifle and Revolver Practice , which provide the following information for each company: names and ranks; scores and total number of years qualified for each classification marksman, sharpshooter, and expert , for both rifle and revolver; remarks; the company figure of merit; and a requisition for rifle and revolver practice medals.


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The Reports of Small-Arms Firing of the Troops , are annual consolidated reports, giving the following data: regiment and company; average strength; total number of men qualifying for each classification i. Most are oversized. There are two sets of narrative reports on firing, accompanied by charts, for the Camp near Leon Springs August, , and for Camp Mabry There is a Score Book for Rifle Shooting, compliments of the United States Cartridge Company which advertises within the booklet , containing only six filled-in score sheets, dating November 9, There are also a handful of score cards, two for regiments 3rd Infantry, and Coast Artillery and Signal Corps, dating , and two for individuals in the 56th Machine Gun Squadron.

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Finally, there is an undated, oversized Bulletin of a National Rifle Competition, which gives the names, the scores for each type of contest, and the totals for each state team, listed alphabetically by state. These records are arranged by type of report, then chronologically, and therein by organization. Returns of scores of rifle and revolver practice. Officer's exams, , , undated, 4. These exams, administered by a board of three officers, required short answers on a wide variety of topics, e.

The files vary in content, typically including questions occasionally selected from an enclosed printed booklet , answers, enclosures, accompanying orders and letters, and recommendations of the board. Some are typescript, some longhand, some a combination of the two typed or printed forms with space for the answers in longhand. Many candidates have more than one exam, and there are also some re-exams.

Often more than one candidate was examined at a time, with the packets therefore being split. These records are arranged alphabetically by the name of the examinee, and chronologically therein. Officer's exams, , , undated. Medical officer's exams, , , 0.

These records consist of the examination papers of 27 candidates for commission as assistant surgeons in the Medical Corps of the Texas National Guard, dating and These exams, administered by the Department of Public Health and Vital Statistics, were usually in longhand, and consisted of short answers on a wide variety of medical topics, e. The name of the examinee is marked on the outside of the exam, usually accompanied by a nom de plume or alias e.

Each section of the exam was given a numerical grade. Those exams without a date were apparently taken in These records are arranged alphabetically by the name of the examinee. Medical officer's exams, , Efficiency reports, , fractional. These records consist of individual efficiency reports, originally marked "Confidential," on officers of the 2nd and 4th Infantry Regiments of the Texas National Guard, all dated December 31, Information on each officer includes: name, rank, organization, and address; and evaluations on attention to duty, habits, general education, occupation, apparent physical condition, marching ability, horsemanship, condition of command, marksmanship, special qualifications, fitness for present rank, recommendation for increased volunteer command, school record attendance, subjects, and proficiency , and general estimate.

These records are arranged by regiment, and therein by descending order of rank. These records consist of lists of signatures on printed forms, dating and mostly , containing the enlistment oath for the Texas National Guard used when taken collectively. These records are arranged by military unit, and chronologically therein. Collective enlistment oaths, , bulk List of registrations, local draft board, El Paso, , fractional.

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This volume, containing Form , is a "list of names of persons whose Registration Cards are in the possession of this Local Board, in the order of their liability for military service, as determined by this Local Board, as required by the Rules and Regulations. These records are arranged numerically by order number priority number in liability for conscription.

Officers service cards, , 0. These records consist of a number of loose 8-by-5 inch index cards, compiled by unknown persons possibly Texas State Archives staff at some unknown date, from unknown sources, but covering the years Each card tracks the career of an officer of the Texas National Guard prior to , including the following information: name, city, age; ranks, companies, regiments, and inclusive dates; the number of years of service, in increments; and remarks.

Records of property, , undated bulk , These comprise quartermaster and ordnance records of the Texas National Guard, dating bulk The researcher should also note the existence of quartermaster and ordnance returns combined with Texas National Guard records, Records of personnel, Inspection reports , , , , , undated bulk [specifically those reports of and ]. Quartermaster records, , undated bulk , Ordnance records, , , , undated bulk , 6.

Dates covered are bulk The annual returns are always placed first within each year's records.

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Maintained separately are semi-annual returns of state property , semi-annual returns of quartermaster supplies , property reports , and semi-annual property returns or inspection reports , undated , of individual companies of the Texas National Guard. Also maintained separately are the oversized returns of Signal Corps property , and of field medical property There are, in addition, seventeen volumes containing a variety of quartermaster records.

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  7. Two of these list the property issued at Camp Mabry during the August encampment, plus debits and credits for each type of quartermaster item for each officer; both volumes contain indexes. Five volumes, plus a partial volume placed in a folder, contain lists of quartermaster and ordnance stores received by captains of the Texas National Guard , , , , and Two packer's day books list quartermaster and ordnance stores shipped to each company, giving place, date, which captain and which company, destination, box number, description of the shipment, weight in pounds, and name of the packer.

    Two shipping books and provide date received, date of invoice, number of the bill of lading, number of boxes, the sender, and the articles shipped. Housed in a folder is a bound individual clothing record for Company B, th Infantry, dated , that gives each soldier's name, the quantity, type, and size of clothing issued to him, and date of issue.

    Finally, there are five letterpress books containing outgoing quartermaster correspondence, each containing an index, covering the years ; the first one, covering , is mainly from the quartermaster of the Ranger Force. These records are arranged by type of record, then chronologically. Returns are further arranged by company within a year's grouping. Oversized records are maintained separately. Semi-annual returns of state property, Semi-annual returns of quartermaster supplies, Semi-annual property return or inspection reports, , undated.

    Quartermaster records, , undated. Quartermaster and ordnance receipts, Individual clothing record, Company B, th Infantry, Oversized quartermaster records, , , , Numbers of quartermaster supplies and ordnance stores marked and branded, undated. The semi-annual returns of ordnance of individual companies of the Texas National Guard are maintained separately. Also arranged separately are the oversized annual returns of ordnance for the state of Texas There is a volume that contains an assortment of ordnance records roughly between and , such as correspondence concerning ordnance and the serial numbers of rifles , It's historic.

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