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Office Description. Apply for your vital records including birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates.

Some locations only offer specific vital records, such as birth and death certificates. Not all vital records offices offer a comprehensive range of dates. Please call the Idaho County Vital Records.

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The government agencies that issue your vital records trust VitalChek, and you can too. What does that mean? Because we are an officially authorized service agent for hundreds of state and local governments nationwide, you can be assured that your personal information is safe with VitalChek. The information provided in our secure ordering process is handled only by authorized, credentialed personnel and securely submitted to the appropriate agency s responsible for issuing the requested certificate.

  • Birth, death and other vital records | Department of Public Health and Environment.
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VitalChek is the authorized external ordering source for fast, secure vital records processed directly with the issuing government agency at the lowest cost available online. We process all of our orders through secure online data connections with the issuing government agencies. No other vital records processing service can offer that. The only thing that is shipped via USPS , UPS , or FedEx depending on which shipping method you choose is your actual vital record itself, directly from the government agency to you.

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To obtain a legal name change in Idaho, an applicant must submit a petition to the court. The applicant must publish notice of the petition hearing in a county newspaper for four weeks OR in three of the most public places in the county for four weeks. Registered sex offenders are permitted to change their name long as the granting court gives notice to the sex offender registry with the identifying information. Idaho Code Ann.